Welcome to the first of four episodes on ELASMOBRANCHS (rays & sharks)! Over the next month, we’ve got two full episodes and two little bonus episodes headed your way. We know we only just started out fortnightly schedule but we just can’t help ourselves!!

Episode 10 of Life On The Brink is all about the world of the ocean’s wanderers: MANTA RAYS!

We’re focussing on the reef manta ray, the slightly less massive of the two manta ray species. Our guide through their big blue world is Asia Haines, a manta biologist who works with the citizen-science group Project Manta to understand the manta ray populations along Australia’s east coast. She talks about the world’s only pink manta ray, why no one has ever seen a manta ray give birth in the wild, and what it’s like to swim belly-to-belly with a wild manta ray.

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