Welcome to the first Life On The Brink bonus episode!

Launching Life On The Brink has been a very humbling experience. The response we’ve seen so far blew us away, so we kept pushing weekly episodes out so you could get to know who we are and what this podcast is all about. But we’ve now kicked into our on-going fortnightly release schedule to maintain the standard we want to keep (and, to be honest, to stop us two from burning out too quickly). But that doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us in these “off weeks”. We’ll still be popping up in your feed with bonus episodes like this one, mini-series we have in the works, and major updates to our previous stories.

For today, we have some bonus content from our third episode featuring southern brown kiwis and biodiversity ranger Denis Stojanovic. When editing down the episode, we had to leave a whole raft of Denis’ stories on the cutting room floor! A bunch of those stories were about another of New Zealand’s strange rare birds starting with ‘k’: the kakapo. So for this episode, we stitched those cuts back together so you also get to hear his stories about tracking kakapos and meeting the famously kinky kakapo Sirocco!

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