CATCHING CARBON TO SAVE LIONS w/ ecologist & Koobi founder Dr James Allan

Lions #2 electric boogaloo you’re carbon credits are due!

(Alex said we had to say that, sorry)

It’s Episode 13 of Life On The Brink, featuring LIONS. Didn’t we already do lions? Yes we did… deal with it. But also this episode is very different from our first lion episode. Last time we focused on the tree-climbing lions of Uganda, this time we’re focusing on the equally unique lions in Kenya known for their maneless males! In the episode, our over-achieving guest Dr James Allan talks about what it’s like to grow up with a family that owns a safari company in a national park the size of Switzerland, we hear about the research he was involved in that influenced international conservation policy, and we talk with James about his new project – a company dedicated to capturing carbon AND saving threatened animals at the same time!

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Produced by Gabriel George & Alex Bezzina

Theme music by Kyle Morley

Episode Cover Image: Man-eating maneless male lions (ones from the railway James mentions in the episode) from Tsavo, Kenya.Currently full of stuffing instead of human as they stand on display in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, USA. JEFFREY JUNG.