THE TINY TRUFFLE-LOVING MARSUPIAL w/ wildlife ecologist & educator Caitlin Weatherstone

Season 2 is heerrreee!

Sorry for the delay! Gabe ended up getting and starting a new job since our last episode. So, to preserve what’s left of his sanity, we thought it’d be best to push the start of our new episodes back by a week.

But Episode #17 is worth the wait! We’re bickering about bettongs with Caitlin Weatherstone. We talk about why the northern bettong is balancing so close to the edge of extinction when other bettongs seem to be managing okay, hear hairy stories about being evacuated in a tiny helicopter during a 10-minute gap in the tropical rain, and learn about how Alex actually helped Caitlin try to discover unknown bettong populations a couple years ago!

And no we aren’t going to start the episodes back at #1 again. Partly because it’d get confusing, but also because saying we have 17 episodes sounds way cooler.

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Produced by Gabriel George & Alex Bezzina

Theme music by Kyle Morley

Episode Cover Image: Northern bettong. STEPHANIE TODD/JCU/WWF-AUS.