Time to give the big blue some love on Life On The Brink number four! 
This is episode four of Life On The Brink featuring the green turtle and marine biologist Melissa Staines. Melissa is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland who researches the effects of temperature and rainfall on sea turtles with support from the World Wide Fund For Nature in Australia (WWF Aus).
In this episode, Melissa talks about a bloody, shark-filled SCUBA-diving incident that pushed her towards studying sea turtles, a day in Papua New Guinea that sounds straight out of a Disney movie, and explains how we figured out it takes sea turtle hatchlings 30 years to return back to lay the first eggs of their own. 

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Theme Music by Kyle Morley

Production by Alex Bezzina & Gabriel George

Episode Cover Image: Green sea turtle hatchling. MELISSA STAINES.